10/10/18 Hessie Trailhead

When I woke up in the morning on October 10th I was surprised to see ground covered with a good layer of snow. I was not expecting this at all and quickly started planning on getting outside to create some photos in the first snow. I decided to wait till the afternoon in hopes for some golden hour action, this unfortunately was not the case. Once I arrived at the trailhead in the mid afternoon I was greated by some spectacular natural light and immediately pulled out my camera to capture the first image below.


After I created this first image I quickly walked through the snow to get to the next photo location. This abandoned truck has always interested me, and I always try to capture interesting images of this truck. I am never pleased with the images personally, because they somehow turn out uninteresting.


After spending close to 10 minutes trying to create an image, I decided to move on in search for more. As I continued up the path I stumbled upon an amazing view, where I was able to use a puddle to create a reflection shot of the hill in the background. This image was the one that I was most pleased with throughout the whole day.


After creating this image the good lighting went away as the clouds covered up the sun and it begin to snow again. I continued on up the trail till the light allowed me too taking photos along the way as well as taking some videos. The snow was still falling as I was heading down the trail, which left little to no opportunities to take any interesting photos. Here are some more images from this hike.


I was also able to put together a short little video of the first snow in the Colorado Front Range. Would appreciate it if you checked out and thanks for reading my blog.